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Products family

EnergyLighT (abbreviated ELT) is a technological line that the group has deemed necessary, also for simplicity of promotion, to divide into 4 product lines. The division follows the segmentation of the market carried out to guarantee a customized product / service and closer to the real needs registered by the potential customers interviewed:

  1. EnergyLighT-Business : Designed for a limited number of streets lamps (between 5 and 10). Designed for small companies that do not need monitoring and management via a platform, but for whom savings are still interesting. 90% of these customers said they associate the lighting of their exercises with a safety factor. The group proposes integration with a surveillance camera recording according to some input information (like decibel level, vehicle detection). The saving in this case is linked to predefined dimming profiles based on the different time slots.

  2. EnergyLighT-Industry :ideaded for industrial areas. Many of these are active 24/7 (shipping hub, production plants, etc.). The need for lighting in this case is a vital parameter not so much for safety as for ensuring operation. Unlike EnergyLighT-10, 4.0 provides for the use of the motion sensor which allows activation only when necessary, ensuring significant energy savings.

  3. EnergyLighT-Park : particular is the case of shopping centers, outlets and large car parks. These do not operate 24/7 and present a high level of concern in relation to security over night. In addition, they have a large number of light points which makes the intervention for energy efficiency really interesting from an economic point of view. EnergyLighT-Park combines security (presence of video cameras) and energy efficiency through the combination of predefined dimming profiles and / or thanks to the installation of motion sensors.

  4. EnergyLighT-CityHub : it was designed specifically for the urban or rural areas of small towns or areas of them. In this case the solution is presented as a complete platform for remote management and monitoring. The integration with other sensors, such as those for traffic, allow to collect data and information (even during the day) useful, for example, to the local infrastructure department or even to the authorities. This configuration of EnergyLighT is definitely the most complete, with the presence of all its features.



Energy LighT allows you to monitor the status of lighting throughout the city, through a single dashboard. The performance and behavior of the street lamps are recorded in customized reports based on the different needs of each customer. The platform automatically generates notifications in case of errors or breakdowns, thus allowing you to take timely and well-informed actions, as well as reducing the need for nightly patrols.

Status information

Energy LighT provides real time information on each individual component or group of luminaires. Faults and outages are logged automatically and notifications are sent to the assigned person to take action.


The platform allows you to monitor the performance of the lighting network of your city, as well as the status of the network, energy consumption and savings on different positions and customizable time periods.


Daily, monthly or annual reports are automatically received on the behavior and performance of the infrastructure of the lighting network and the analysis is used to improve the efficiency and use of lighting in your city.

Work optimization

Energy LighT allows you to further improve the management of the light of your city, being able to implement an on demand, programmable and predictive maintenance, without wasting time and money, providing detailed insights on the lighting infrastructure, helping to better manage repairs and improving the efficiency of all lighting workflows.

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