The European Union is starting to take the first steps towards the regularization of artificial intelligence, to allow member countries to collaborate to be able to use it intelligently with the help of cutting-edge technologies. This would make it possible to improve and increase not only the services for the citizen, but also to make this the last nerve center of the technology itself.
In fact, artificial intelligence has now become part of our everyday life and we are trying to insert AI in all possible fields of application so that it can be accessible to anyone.
It is nothing but a set of algorithms that, inserted in a smart system, allow the system itself to learn, make mistakes, learn from mistakes and make decisions in any situation and in any type of application.
This is possible thanks to the deep learning and processing of the natural language of the technologies and this would allow them to learn to perform specific tasks, collect and process data, subsequently creating detailed models for each application.
And this is the reason why LT Energy Group has pushed itself into designing an intelligent system, equipped with artificial intelligence, capable of self-management and of receiving thousands of data from traffic in order to manage electricity in the best way of outdoor lighting networks.
But that’s not all, you can make a series of services available to the community by using the AI installed on the city’s lighting points, in symbiosis with our controllers. Therefore, it will no longer be pure light, but a real tool for data collection, to interact with surrounding technologies and to monitor road safety.

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