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LT Energy Group designs and develops solutions for municipalities, utilities, infrastructure departments, private companies all around the World. Our Mission is to support and actively contribute to the energy transition in favor to a more sustainable World. Passion, Commitment and creativity are the main core values the Team recognize within. We care about people, we care about Technology, we care about the Environment.
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The smart solution that LT Energy Group proposes, presents an additional level of intelligence with respect to the current systems: by means of special modules present on the controller, the lampposts can be connected by creating networks that allow communication with and between them, enabling the exchange of data and information, as well as interaction with the user for extra services. It is considered appropriate to specify that the solution adopted by LTEG is compatible with lighting systems that are equipped with LED technology; if this is not present, LTEG will take care of the conversion in the event that the customer agrees or otherwise would provide details regarding the recommended LED technology. The LTEG device is compatible with all the LED lamp bodies present on the market.

The rational use of energy, where and when it is needed (on demand) through an adequate network of sensors appropriately located and analyzed, which allows to determine why a specific light beam is needed in a certain area and to adapt it to the situation in the best way, always in full compliance with the fundamental requirements for guaranteeing safety.  
The solution proposed by LT Energy Group can allow access to a wide range of additional Smart City services as well as data collection and parameters measurement (traffic, weather, air quality, water level on road surface, waste monitoring). The whole network, remotely manageable thanks to a user-friendly software platform, can be adapted and customized according to the needs of those who use it (normally the local electricity manager), or through the implementation of an artificial intelligence (AI), which adapts the current situation based on the data collected on past events that have occurred.

EnergyLighT - ELT

It represents the base product of the LighT line. The adoption of EnergyLighT does not preclude any upgrade to its two successor models and is a solution designed and optimized mainly to guarantee savings of up to 80%.
It includes:

  • Controllers (for a number equal to the number of light points on which it is intend apply the technology)
  • Gateway (the number of gateways depends on the size of the area to be covered)
  • Software
  • Cloud Space (to store the data)
  • Sensor's Pack (customizable according to customer needs)

ThinkL(AI)ghT - TLT


ThinkL(AI)ghT is a technology solution applicable on the existing streetlights infrastructure, capable to observe, learn and interact with the surrounding environment according to different occurred scenarios (machine learning). The mission of the activity is identified with the development of a smart technological solution that allow to use the streetlights infrastructure as the backbone of a network of sensors, communication systems and intelligent applications. ThinkL(AI)ghT is equipped with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) brain and capable to take actions and address the users’ choice based on a specific logics algorithms according to real-time data collected and past events scenarios that have occurred.



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