Horizon 2020 SME Instruments call Phase I, participation

LT Energy Group application to the last call of SME Instrument phase of Horizon2020 is a very important challenge: it could create the opportunity to begin implementing ThinkLighT, LineaLighT’s new son, which will have some AI features that would improve LTEG’s product usage in different and unpredictable scenarios. At this point of the challenge, the company proposes an ambitious feasibility study in order to draw the main features and performances that ThinkLighT will have.
This opportunity makes LT Energy Group going beyond its already achieved knowledge by interfacing with brand new challenging partners and technologies, not coming from Italian actors only but also European ones; these figures will drive ThinkLighT implementation in a Smart and Safety City direction, perfectly aligned to the Smart Cities actual requirements and need, due to the IoT and Machine Learning solutions advent that is widely spreading in these contexts.
In order to achieve great visibility, challenging new partners and profitable opportunities LT Energy Group does not limit its vision by the only SME Instrument phase, but it also proposes itself the further objective to apply to the 2 SME phase of Horizon2020 in the future, the one regarding the effective implementation plan of ThinkLight; this second phase will see LTEG’s commitment in real tests and features improving not only on an Italian field, but also with the aim of directing its efforts on a European scenario.

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