New promising partnership for AI and IoT solutions

In the last few months, LT Energy Group finally began to expand its boundaries and open itself to brand new knowledge areas, such as Internet of Things technologies enriched with Artificial Intelligence features and implemented in Smart Cities and Road Safety habits, given its participation to the final call of the SME Instrument phase of Horizon2020 in order to start the developing plan of the Linea LighT’s AI son called ThinkLighT.
The technological focus of the firm is especially committed in developing a solution able to efficiently and effective behave in different and unpredictable situations and capable of improving itself by managing a great variety of data and scenarios coming from technology implementation in significantly different areas, in order to reinvent LTEG solution for a AI/Machine Learning brain.
For reaching the aforementioned goal, LT Energy Group will be partnered with the Blockchain Technology Research Institute – BTRI situated in Germany, not only a great and solid partner for the Horizon2020 challenge, but also a useful chance for LTEG to enrich its AI knowledge and application especially in a Road Safety point of view, in order to align both firms’ objectives to the needs of the Vision Zero goals in which Europe will be strongly committed during the 2020-2030 decade

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