LT Energy Group inspired by sustainability

In May 2018 the ambitious idea of a group of Engineering Polytechnic of Turin students took life.
The idea was inspired by ethic and moral value that characterize the team, and aim to act in the direction of sustainability throughout the employment of advanced technologies.
More specifically, starting from the technical background, has been decided to improve and think of a new way to enlighten our roads, knowing also the costs and the problems that are related to nowadays streetlights.
That’s why, the name LT Energy Group that took initially name from the first 2 creators, to which a third one soon after was added, became then the synonym and acronym of Light Technology.
In order to test themselves, and measure the interest towards the topic, the team took part to a well-known start-up competition event held at i3P – Polytechnic of Turin innovative enterprises incubator, named Start Cup 2018 Piemonte-Valle D’Aosta.
The results were such as the group collected an significant interest and feedbacks by experts belonging to the stimulating engineering campus environment.
Therefore, LTEG (LT Energy Group per short), started to build the foundations for something bigger!

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