The Pre-Incubation Program Initiation

As direct result of the Start Cup competition participation, the team build important relationships with the campus environment. Due to its prestigiousness because of the great achievements in time, and furthermore due to the technology knowledge held in it, LTEG proposed himself to i3P be incubated.
After a careful evaluation of the idea by i3P commission, LTEG was introduced in a Pre-Incubation program and given the special support from experienced tutors.
In January 2019 officially started the Pre-Incubation path.
The main goals of the collaboration set is the realization of a complete and effective Business Plan along with some others minor but significant surrounding activities.
LTEG is honoured to be part of such innovative Start-ups circle, knowing the beneficial effects it brings like enriching the network contacts, taking advantage of the personnel expertise and last but not least having the best shot to develop Business.
Treatabit is the name of the pre-incubation program dedicated to innovative startup ideas.

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