OBJECT: Internship announcement for student
Position: Graphic Designer

LT Energy Group is looking for a creative graphic designer with a tech-oriented training and strong skills in creating graphic interfaces in the digital communication and user experience environment.


  1. Design visual solutions through the use of the best graphic design software

  2. Realize works with creativity in collaboration with the digital marketer & web developer team

  3. Present each design project with an accurate description of the concept you want to communicate

  4. Creation of graphic and video content consistent with the brand image and functional to the corporate objectives

  5. Creation of social and e-mail marketing campaigns in collaboration with the company staff

Hard Skills

  1. First Level Academic Degree / Diploma in graphic design

  2. Knowledge of composition and graphic design techniques

  3. Experience in graphic content making for social campaigns and email marketing

  4. Knowledge of the basic principles of pagination of print and web content

  5. 2D and 3D video creation and editing

  6. Good knowledge of the Adobe Suite, in particular

  7. Adobe Illustrator for advanced layout design

  8. Adobe InDesign for content layout

  9. Adobe Premiere for creating video content

  10. Adobe After Effect for creating 3D effects.

  11. Proven knowledge of html, css, responsive framework (e.g. bootstrap) and CMS (e.g. wordpress) for a conscious design of web layouts

Soft Skills

  1. Propensity to teamwork with a collaborative and proactive approach

  2. Goal orientation

  3. Hourly flexibility

  4. Organizational and planning skills

  5. Analysis and problem solving skills

  6. Speed and respect of deadlines